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  • PIV Forms
  • PIV Social Media Optimizer
  • Mera Booth
  • PIV Pattern Matrix

PIV Forms

An effective and efficient, easy to use survey web application. It can be accessed anywhere/anytime. This web application provides a customized approach for a specific constituency and serves a dual purpose by working online as well as offline. The algorithm of this application is designed in such a way that it will provide a detailed analysis of the data.

PIV Social Media Optimizer

This application is based on Machine learning/AI and creating a revolutionary change in the Political arena. Through artificial intelligence, we can track the political behavior of a person on the social media platform. By using this tool a party/candidate can reach out their prospected voters through social media. we are the fastest growing Best Advertising agency in Bihar as well as public relations consultancy company in Bihar, india

Mera Booth

During the election, It is a headache to manage every booth in the traditional manner but by using our application booth management will become an easy task. we provide an efficient communication system with booth workers by using the cutting edge technologies. This application embedded with Online database management system, Maps, Voter List, Cast Analysis and chatbox. For more details click on the link:- Market Your Start-Up Political Consultant Company

PIV Pattern Matrix

Every constituency has a Consistent and recurring characteristic called as constituency behavior. By analyzing the behavior a Party/Candidate can make a suitable change in the strategy and transform the working plan.This application help them to analyze the Swing Voters, Demographics & SWOT analysis of the entire region.